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42400343404A   H316 CPU Description
This completely describes the CPU internals.
70130072167A   H316 Interface manual
Instructions and explanations how to connect homebrew hardware to the H316's I/O bus. Very nice made. Has been very useful to me.
42400343042   4110 and 4120 Tape Drive Option Manual
This is the documentation for my tape drive controller.
NOT for the tape drive itself!
130071621   DDP-516 Instruction Manual vol.2
Contains the instruction diagrams.
130071622D   DDP-516 Instruction Manual vol.3
These are the CPU schematics.
3C180005000   Assembly listing of the linking loader, LDR-APM
3C180311000   Assembly listing of the "punch and load" program, PAL-AP.
130071647C   DDP-516 DMC Option manual and schematics