Some Downloads

Tape inventory   Click to see a list of all the tapes that came with my H316.
Tape images   Here you get an archive containing the contents of all the tapes I got. All object and library tapes are error-checked/corrected and error-free. It was much work to prepare this collection
Tapeload   This is my paper tape reader emulator. It is a rough hack (as every C program I have written around my H316) but perhaps you can use it as an idea on how to connect the PC (very) directly to the H316.
My X16 build system - now in GIT   This gives you access to my h316 work environment. It contains my helper programs, makefiles, scripts for SIMH, library routines, source codes etc. etc.
Just give it a try!
Mandelbrot   This is my first FORTRAN IV program which I have written and run on my H316. In the archive you will find an SLST and the sources as well. Try it!
Hachti and his H316 in action!   This is a highly compressed raw cut 200MB preview of the moving pictures taken by Prof. Kirchhoff during his visit at my site.
This film is a must for everybody who doesn't know the "haptic context" of those old computers. The focus of the film is not the technical detail but rather "how it works".
ComputerNetworksTheH.avi (118MB)   This is a 1972 documentation about ARPAnet. I downloaded it from Don't know where it comes from and if someone has a better quality version.
In this video you can see a running H316 IMP (very short but full screen), DEC PDP10, lots of teletypes and other cool gear. Some of the ARPANET inventors (Kahn, Licklider etc.) speak in the clip as well.