The first pictures

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This is the front panel
images/tn_panel1.jpgimages/tn_panel2.jpg images/tn_panel3.jpg

The external paper tape reader on top of the rack.

I call it comfort... :-)

This is the CPU. Notice the missing two cards. That's the space for the "High Speed Arithmetic Option" which I don't have :-(

The core memory stacks. 4k x 16bit installed :-) Hope to get it working, soon.

Some strange peripherals. One part of it is a serial port (aslc). the rest is (still) unknown.

A closeup of one of the CPU pcb cards and the wire-wrapped CPU
images/tn_pcb.jpg images/tn_wire-wrap2.jpg images/tn_wire-wrap1.jpg

I am proud owner of the realtime clock option :-)
images/tn_rtc1.jpgimages/tn_rtc2.jpg images/tn_rtc3.jpg

The power supply and the CPU's air intake. Heat and cool....

These are a strange "Auto Restart Option" I extracted from my machine and some software.
images/tn_restart-option.jpg  images/tn_software.jpg