Some videos

As of today, June 8th, 2006, I have merged the small movies and uploaded them to Youtube.
The original files can still be downloaded from here.

My first clips, showing the H316 still in Bremen, printing a Mandelbrot set:

My Data Products printer during FORTRAN IV compilation:

The files:   Me mounting the SLST tape and pressing the START button.   Here I demonstrate my way to rewind the paper tapes :-)   In this little movie you can see me entering the start address, starting the program and switching to A-reg display. It's blinkenlights time!
  This shows the ASR while typing the Mandelbrot set. You can see the different printing speed related to the iteration depth!   In this clip I play around, press some switches, enter stupid things and do other useless things
honeywell-complete.avi   This is the clip I uploaded to Youtube. Ca. 23MByte.
The printer video   The original of the printer video above.