Honeywell H1640

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I tried to contact the guy maintaining the site but he did not answer. So I preserved his pictures for the future - they're great. I also replaced the finnish text with unqualified english comments :-)

That must be the H1640.... What a nice computer room!

They had the whole set of peripherals!

A teletype ASR33 - why isn't there a model 35? They had everything else, so....

That looks like my H316 ultra-dream....!

What were these fancy expansion boxes with lights for?

Well-known ultra-chaos in the ultra-dream :-)

h1640-levy-oiva.jpg - h1640-levyasema.jpg
I'll probably never get my hands on such a data washing machine :-(
It must have been a great device.

That's "my" tape drive. But it's mirrored: They must have made a right and left variant. In another picture you can see the other machine!

A great printer. Ok, I have a printer, too. And it's a Honeywell. But for everyone who thinks that my printer belongs to my H316: Here you see the real original Honeywell shuttle printer!