Stranded Goods

Here the things which have no place elsewhere.
If you are the owner of one of the websites where I have downloaded some of the following material - hope it's ok. If not - let me know. I downloaded the things only to preserve them for the future!

A DDP-516 computer

This picture was taken from The page is worth a look! Lots of happy people enjoying their big iron :-)

Let's to the Honeywell...!

Here you can find some pictures of a Honeywell H1640 system.
Great pictures!
I don't know much of that system. But it consists of several H316 CPUs and has a lot of peripherals. Nice pictures.
The page is based on a finnish web page I found. Did not understand anything so I changed it a bit. Wrote an email to the author and got no answer :-(
The original link was:
(Update 08.10.2016: The link is dead. Good that I saved the data!)

A DDP-116 computer

I'm not sure if this is really a DDP-116 computer.

This picture was taken from the Ed Thelen's website.
This is the link to the original picture: