The Gallery

ddp516   No description.
Gallery 1   The first pictures (2004-09-06)
Videos 1   Some motion pictures I took from my Honeywell (2004-12-02)
After the move   A first glance after the move to Alfeld
Second machine   Here you can see the first pictures of the second H316 from GGC.
Second machine - videos   Some small video clips.
Tape drive haul   hese pictures document my tape drive's way from Göttingen to my collection room in Alfeld.
The tape drive inspection   Here you can see some more pictures of the tape drive. Don't think that powered up means working...!
Pictures from Prof. Kirchhoff   The first pictures I got from Prof. Kirchhoff after the shooting in Alfeld. Some really high quality impressions of my Honeywell equipment. Hope to get more of these, soon.
Miscellaneous 1   Some impressions from the photoshooting with Mr. Kirchhoff and my VT101 restore.
PSU night   That's the way it looks when I repair my stuff.
The line printer   I have got a new line printer. Here are some photographs of my site with the new printer.
My H316 away from home   Here are some pictures of my H316 setup for the presentation on January 16th, 2007 in Bremen.
Unpacking the H316R   Just got my brand new toy from Texas. Watch me unpacking it!
Pen Plotter   The Calcomp 565 pen plotter.
New Video page   A new page with Youtube references.

Other galleries

The dortmund thing   Here they are: Some pictures I have taken in Dortmund. Some people know the story belonging to those, some don't....
einbau   No description.
Nova 2 Images   This makes no sense... Images of my Nova 2 system haul.